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Let's do a proper supra road trip somewhere in Ireland


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Ideas? I no Colin and Marty have a road trip planned in the next few weeks up the Antrim coast where we can go to a great hotel and get proper food and a photoshoot but I've had this plan from way last year and it was after Jamie said " we can't get any pictures as we are driving" so I thought about a road trip to bundoran co donegal,


It's not far from enniskillen and would mean a great drive down the Motorway cough Ireland's autobahn cough , stay the night with a bit of a drink and maybe a bit more a frig it why not get steaming and have a good laugh, the next day we can do a photoshoot on the grass outside the big hotel over looking the beech while we recover from our hangovers, it so means we can incorporate western Ireland supra owners aswell


For those who haven't been to bundoran it's like a bigger version of Newcastle co down except way nicer


I've already run the idea past a few of you but am thinking lets try and get something sorted for next year say around march or April time, gives us plenty of time to organise hotels and get the word out bout a JZ road trip


The idea above is only a suggestion and feel free to put in any info in this thread


Basically what we need is an epic run to somewhere nice (not mullingar, worst idea in the world) get drunk, have a night stay the night and have another epic trip back home


Get talking

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That's it jim, we will chat about it and drop ideas then try and find a date that suits everyone , all the supra meets we arrive drive a bit and go home, this way we get drunk have a laugh maybe fight and then go home haha


Ps was gonna stick it up on bakebook but sure it would disappear in no time, must get everyone on bakebook to come in here and talk

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See one of the other things is we want to do a rolling photoshoot aswell so if people from the north coast want to meet us at dungannon ( long way I no ) but means we convoy with pictures, I'll post up a picture tomorrow where the photos will be taken when we get there

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