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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Buy your Official mkivsupra.net club clothing & merchandise here.


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Click on the link to take you straight over to our online clothing shop.



We are in partnership with Salix Emroidery and they offer a great range of T shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies & Baseball caps.


Dave who runs the company is a great guy and the orders taken online (or on the phone) get dispatched directly from there, meaning you get your items very quickly.



For embroidered items, ie polo shirts & hoodies etc you can have personalization for a small additional cost.


You can even have your own mug if you like. Bags and jackets will be available too.


All clothing will have the club logo on the front and club web address on the back.

The only exception is that for T shirts, he'll do a bigger logo across the middle of the T-shirt, rather than moob, as it's the only garment which


won't be embroidered - and as always, the URL will be on the back.


Anyway, enough of my yakking and go to the site :)

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