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These were born out of seeing lots of nice motors at meets and as the owners were off enjoying themselves, never finding out who's was who's !


My limited experience of doing things with artwork for a group of people means that I know some of you won't like the chosen design, many of you would prefer some small changes and most of you could design a better one !

However - this is the only one I'm / craigsplates are offering and I hope most of you like it.


It can come in standard UK front plate size and the most popular import size plates - oblong only as the design won't suit the square type.

If there's more than a dozen who want square type I'll talk to Smiffad about a re-design to suit.



Order & payment direct with Karen at http://www.craigsplates.co.uk (tel: 0871 288 4288).Karen will need to know it's a Supra Club plate, your forum name and your real name if you wish.

She will need to know what size plate as well (UK, Import etc).



I would like to get a bulk order for free delivery at Japfest.

Anybody who isn't going or doesn't wish to wait can opt to pay postage at £2.99.

For collection at Japfest your order needs to be with Karen by FRIDAY 2nd MAY.



Standard UK oblong plate £10.00

Import size oblong plate (specify size) £14.00

Postage (if not collecting at Japfest) £2.99


Please don't ask Karen for changes to the above design / different colours etc as this is not possible in this Group Buy.


Thanks to Karen / Smiffad for the work & designs.




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I'm surprised... I thought it would be really popular.


No big deal either way and it might just be that it's a bad name to the thread, but I can't think of a better one that would get more views.


How about "Pert Nipples Name Plate"

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