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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

About This Club

Group for all of us around Liverpool/Wirral to share information, impromptu meets, etc.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi all, my dad lives up this way and i call it home, im in the forces thoug so am only back at weekends and on leave phill
  3. Cant do an all-day Pancake Run at the mo/ how about the 29th then?
  4. Ah cant make it. Going on the Pancake run in North Wales. You guys should come along too and meet the others coming from manchester way:) Check out the N.W. section in national events for the details and for previous runs. Great drive and excellant food;)
  5. Well, a weekend would be best for me - any weekend except for the 7/8 March - agnostic on location - I love driving the Supe!
  6. suppose Albert Dock would be easiest for me but I'm easy.
  7. Ok, can someone suggest a date/time place, then we take it from there? (a) New Brighton Prom- a Sunday pm (b)Crosby Marina ©Albert Dock
  8. Could be up for that depending on dates. May even stay over and catch up with someother mates too:)
  9. No worries at all Anyone fancy a local-ish meet then to put faces to names and chew the fat?
  10. Hiya guys. I hope you dont mind me joining the group. Im only by wrexham myself and get upto Liverpool quite often to see some old mates. I lived there for 4 years (2 in Uni). I also maybe moving back up that way as it's the only area that seam to be advertising work in my field:)
  11. I'm happy to have it in Crosby Marina or down by the Coastguard Station?
  12. Am away on the 4th Sept, but if a meet can be arranged prior would be good. How about Crosby Marina, Otterspool, New Brighton Prom?
  13. Anyone fancy a bit of a get together one day/evening? Pub grub, quick drink and an introduction?
  14. Aye, when the numbers get up we should arrange a mini meet
  15. Us scouse supras are too upper class for the other cretins
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