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  1. Thanks.Yes I am aware of Chris Wilson in Whitchurch and will most likely be getting in touch with him.Just checking if there are any good ones actually on Merseyside that I don't know of.
  2. Hi Guys Can anybody recommend a garage on or near Merseyside to do some work on my Supra.I am planning to have things like the brake and fuel lines,rear valve stem seals,etc replaced.It seems most general garages are not keen to work on it once they know it is a Supra. The car needs a lot of TLC including a full respray and interior refurbish at some point,but I am prioritising the list of things to be done. Thanks in advance for your input. Cheers Ant
  3. Hi Looking for a working OEM aerial please guys. Cheers Ant
  4. Hi everyone.Might be a good idea to look at the NW event register on the sticky and PM all those NW members to get this group alive again.i havent been to any meets since the time of Mascrat Manor:innocent:
  5. From what I know...with my so far limited knowledge I couldnt agree with you more.
  6. Naga Coin...aka NGC due to be listed on HitBTC at 9pm. Roger Ver and Mate Tokay who has been heavily involved in Bitcoin, for those "in the know",have been advisors on this project. Bloodbath today for crypto I know, Mbut I have a feeling Naga coins are gonna go somewhere big in time.Read up on the company,ICO and the project. I expect after listing NGC will drop and rise a few times before stabilising at a good point for investors.If you already have NGC please HODL...and if you buy on the exchange please HODL !!!
  7. Interesting thread.I have only just seen this. Have not managed to read everything in here yet as only had a quick peek while at work. I jave been reading up a lot about the subject the past 5-6 weeks.Put a few quid in Bitcoin,Ethereum and lightcoin. Also in Iota(longterm hold though). Bought a fair few Naga coins during pre ICO and ICO.Looks like an exciting project for anyone interested. Naga coins will be listed on exchange for the first time tomorrow at $1on HitBTC. I expect a bit of a rollercoaster with this one taking into account all the hype.HitBTC not the best exchange,but might be wo
  8. I was with SKY until I got an unreasonably increased renewal quote a few years ago. Changed over to LIVINGSTON WARMAN. They offer AGREED VALUE too. My postcode is L34.
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