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For members who drift their supra. Drifted, not polished. :)
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  2. Hello Michael, Have you tried drifting before? TBH I'm not the best person to talk to about the settings required, as I just get in my stock supra and drift. IMO to many people worry about having the most sorted-perfectly set up drift car, but what counts for a huge amount more is actual seat time drifting a car. With regard to the specific setting etc you are looking for, you might be better off looking on Driftworks, or possibly some Scandinavian sites, as they seem to drift more supras than here in the uk. Failing that we do have some experienced drifters on this site, namely: Suprash and suprabass(apologies if I've missed anyone out) who would be more than willing to share their knowledge.
  3. Hi guys. Just been wondering of making a thread, to the new peoples that wants to join drifting team. The thread which would include the suspension set up, geometry, stering lock, and other usefull settings. Have you got any quides, photos, or any other information what you could share? Regards Michael.
  4. Just thought I would post a short video that one of the guys over on the SXOC made up for me. Not the best drifter in the world, probably could do with a bit more commitment(or loads more torque) into some of the corners. But you have to remember it's my daily driver as well. The car is totally standard with factory bilstein shocks. You will notice that on some drifts the OEM Torsen LSD stops locking after a while, I assume this is because it is too hot. ps. you are not allowed to initiate before the tyres as they are full of concrete and you will be red flagged.
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