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  1. Proper restoration project. Keep the good work coming.
  2. 3.266 ring is easy to source All what you need is Lexus LS400/LS430/GS430 diff
  3. Wishieftrottle you are a true star! I'm just about to get my conversion done.
  4. Hello. Friend of my is selling his Getrag. For sale Getrag V160 with light flywheel and ACT clutch rated for 750Nm. Trans is in great shape, making no noises, just synchro on 3rd might need to be replaced soon. Place where tripod bolts up at some point was welded, but doesn't affect the transmission or shifter. I'm open for reasonable offers. Can ship wherever in Europe you want. Price 4000£ For contact please use: whatsapp - +48887224075 mail - [email protected] Link to photos on onedrive: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqeosGquKS7Hyl5E1JmlUHJ3DxPx
  5. Hi. Friend of mine is looking for some parts: 2JZ GE short block - Block, crank rods and pistons (oil sump, oil pump etc not required) Euro/UK Spec cams ARP head bolts. Delivery to Poland is required - additional costs on buyer side obviously. For more information please use email: [email protected] Regards. Michael.
  6. No updates as yet I'm affraid :/ If all go smooth I'll put gearbox in during the weekend.
  7. Looking good. Keep going mate.
  8. It will cost few pounds to start with but later on all replacement parts will be much cheaper.
  9. Still waiting for custom flywheel to be made.
  10. Looks like a proper drag setup for me .
  11. It's not M power gearbox. It's from E60, E61, E90 3.0 diesel engine.
  12. Would have to ask Mattsson how is the gearbox feeling.
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