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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

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Yorkshire based owners, meets and discussions
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  2. So glad I chose to join this group, so much to read, where do I start... Oh wait - i've finished already! Is there any point asking people where they're from and about their cars ???
  3. Can anybody who has done this before lend a hand or do it for me whilst i erm "supervise" I'll treat you to an all you can eat takeaway and tea and biscuits. I would also like to borrow a crane. Cheers.
  4. Hi, i don't think many people know about this part of the forum. Im from Leeds/Bradford area.
  5. Lo guys just joined. it doesnt look exactly banging in here tho. Where we all from?
  6. Everyone check out the yorkshire section on forum page and look at 2009sheffield/meadowhall, should be a good day!
  7. Just heard about a silver Supra in Sheffield that has been written off? Somewhere behind Handsworth. Anyone know anything about this?
  8. Im off to motorscope soon if any Yorkshire residents want to pop along too
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