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09-01-07, 18:52
Hi all,

Just thought I would drop a message to say hello. Not presently a Supra Owner but soon to be, I just need to take the plunge, do my homework... Oh and decide what model to get (TT, SZ, SZ-R etc)... So if anyone has got any recommendations/opinions please feel free to air them.

Always a pleasure to find felow Supra fans as I always have been.


09-01-07, 18:58
Welcome to the club...

Have a read through the FAQ's, some good info in there. Asking for opinions is likely to start a row, lol. At the end of the day, it's what is within your budget and what is around at the time. Me, I'm perfectly happy in my '93 N/A auto as it's my daily driver, so there's less to worry about going wrong (not that it's a worry with Supes in general) and not as brutal power delivery as a big power turbo car, so better in the wet (just)

09-01-07, 18:59
Welcome! Have a look through the FAQs and Guides section - that's where I started a few months back. You'll find pretty much everything you need lurking on here somewhere. Good luck with the search :) and good choice :d Any queries you can't find answers to, someone on here will know the answer to!

Tom S
09-01-07, 19:00
Welcome and hello :d

Jspec Germany
09-01-07, 19:03
Welcome to the club Rob. The "search" button is your best friend. With it you can find just about anything about the Supra. BTW - You'll want a Black Jspec auto TT, they're the fastest by far.

Oh, and congrats on posting something worth reading on your first post, bud.:d

09-01-07, 19:03
Welcome to the family bud...


09-01-07, 19:07
Welcome to the family :)

09-01-07, 19:11
Meat paste

09-01-07, 19:13
Meat paste

hahahahaha, on form tonight there sir.

Welcome to the mad house....

09-01-07, 19:17
I joined a month or so ago and found the PDF guides invaluable. As I am a mechanical virgin I found the FAQs forum handy for decyphering other posts ;)

Welcome to quite frankly the best Supra Forum!

09-01-07, 19:53
Thanks for the warm response guys. Kinda makes getting a Supra that more special :-) <cheese>

R Black
09-01-07, 20:10
Welcome dude, i suggest trying a few on test drives, from stealers, if any near you then, contact one someone like CJ or jurgen on here.