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11-10-06, 16:30
After the success of the driver training day on the 9th, I have the pleasure to offer Goodwood next month:

In conjunction with Track Masters, we have secured a ‘noisy day’ at Goodwood on 24th Nov. This means that the noise limits are 105db static and 101db drive-by. Open Pitlane format, maximum of 5 cars on track at any one time so lots of room to let the car stretch its legs. Cost £210, including instruction if required.

This is the perfect opportunity for all those who came to Arundel to use their new skills properly, and for those who missed out, to see what all the fuss is about. Note that this is a track day, not an airfield day.


11-10-06, 16:37
dam, i payed 260 for the exact pleasure last time, with 5cars at a time.

must be because the weather was nice.

id go. but im saving for something.

plus i dont think they want to practice there skills too much, hhhhmm ryan. lol

there is no run off

mental fast track

11-10-06, 16:51
I've driven this track before and it is amazing! I'm going to have to dig very deep into the wallet to attend this one but put me down as a possible.

Hope to see Ben there instructing as well - have you arranged it through the same company?

11-10-06, 17:35
forcast is SUN!

11-10-06, 17:39
This isn't a Ben Elliott day, this is Track Masters (who I use for just about all my personal track days), because they run a well organised day, and are nice guys to boot.

Different instructors, whom I have experienced before. Just as good IMHO.

The weather...well OK so it's more touch and go in November, but hey, last time I went to Goodwood was June and it pissed it down in the afternoon. The lead instructor took a sighting lap and nearly binned it, it was that wet.

11-10-06, 18:29
it will most definatly be raining

Hopefully ;)

11-10-06, 18:30
the day i was on was also thanks

17-10-06, 19:46
plus i dont think they want to practice there skills too much, hhhhmm ryan. lol

oi you!:p

i will have to see what the funds will let me do for this, will keep an eye on it

17-10-06, 21:19

21-11-06, 08:26
As it's a 'noisy day', what happens if I paid up, came along and was noisier than 105db :blush:

21-11-06, 09:10
Goodwood are really anal about noise, so the chances are they'd pull you off the track, re-test you, and if you can't get under the limit, then that's game over. The fact that it's a noisy day is simply a higher db limit, not relaxed rules.

Did you pay up? It's too late if you haven't and wanted to, because all the spaces are gone...before I got in there too :(

21-11-06, 10:05
Oh okay, that's fair enough - thought there were still spaces and only got my car back on Saturday.

I'll get myself a baffle sorted over winter and be ready for spring ;)

Oh, and you're spot on about goodwood, I believe it's because there is ONE cottage that moans - and that they moved into the area knowing that Goodwood was there :rolleyes:

21-11-06, 10:30
on the straight you can back off, then boot it after you pass the person, lol

21-11-06, 11:24
But there's three other sensors dotted about the circuit.

The thing with the lone-moaner is true too. The whole circuit noise issue nationwide is down to about 50 people across the whole country. Pathetic really, considering many household appliances kick out more than 100db, and you normally get more background noise from bird-song in the complainants gardens, than from the circuits....