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Cass RZ
25-09-06, 19:53
Hi all im from Perth Scotland and have a J-spec RZ (tt) 6spd how are you all??:search:

25-09-06, 19:54
Hello Cass welcome to the club. Great looking car you have there. :cool:

25-09-06, 19:55
Welcome :)

That's a very low front end!

Cass RZ
25-09-06, 20:00
Yea its to low iv'e cracked it already beside the drivers indicator and under passgr light looking for a new Top Secret front Or poss a c-west?

25-09-06, 20:01
Yeay - another Scot
sweet car
yeah is a low front end - good luck on the scottish roads :d

Ian W
25-09-06, 20:02
Hi and :welcome:

live just up the road from you (well, right up the A9) in Inverness

25-09-06, 20:02
Hi there, very nice supe.

:welcome: to the club

Cass RZ
25-09-06, 20:05
Im moving back to Inverness next year.I lived up there 1997-2000 up by the hospis

Ian W
25-09-06, 20:08
cool, you ever up here at all at the moment?

supra steveo
25-09-06, 20:14

nice car

supra dan
25-09-06, 20:26
hi cass, nice looking car, had it long? maybe see you at a meet soon.

Cass RZ
25-09-06, 20:31
Not had it long got it from a guy up in Aberdeen i think he was sorry to se it go i felt for him but its in good hands still.

25-09-06, 20:33
Hello again! :)

25-09-06, 20:34
nice car cass ! im impressed ;)

b t w,. you male or female ? :D

25-09-06, 20:35
welcome fella

Nice motor you got there.. :)

25-09-06, 20:37
Welcome Cass, nice Soop. :)

Cass RZ
25-09-06, 20:37
Im a guy and hi bob hows u m8ty

25-09-06, 20:39
Im a guy and hi bob hows u m8ty

sorry man !! lol,.
i knew a girl called Cass thats all,
fricking hell easy mistake.

yeh hi pneumoni.

black cat
25-09-06, 21:20
nice sup, love your rear

25-09-06, 21:57
:welcome: m8, like the supe

25-09-06, 21:59
very nice!:d

25-09-06, 22:04
hello cass you ok matey;) thought i reconised the car

25-09-06, 22:51
:welcome: mate. That car looks a little low for Scotland