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Ian C
03-04-05, 21:25
Charcoal canister

Also known as:
"A black box that makes funny rattley noises, smells of petrol a bit, it's at the back of the engine bay on the right"

What is it?
It's part of the emissions system and therefore tedious. It contains charcoal to absorb fuel vapours. That charcoal, plus a valve system, makes the rattley noise and the petrol smell.

Saves a tree.

Takes up space. Makes rattley noises that are frankly scary if you donít know why itís happening.

04-04-05, 01:02
Ohh ohh ohh, does this thing effect emission testing???

If so, are there any replacment bits you can get for it, it ifs got old and not working to full potential??

Maybe this will help my emission problem!!

04-04-05, 10:43
LOL @ this FAQ :D

Ian C
04-04-05, 14:31
Markie - it's a fuel tank vapour thing from what I can make out, when the engine is running it burns up vapours. It's nowt to do with the exhaust emissions, so it won't help you there :(


04-04-05, 19:00
take it out and throw it in the bin :)

Stevie Boy
04-04-05, 21:24
take it out and throw it in the bin :)


21-09-06, 19:18
Lol how strange, i was looking how to install a boost gauge and saw this. I was looking at my car a few mins ago wondering what was making that weird noise. Turns out its a charcoal canister lol

21-04-08, 00:27
will a brand new canister still make that rattly noise???

22-04-08, 00:18
so i presume a set of tools and you can simply take this out yourself yes ?

22-04-08, 00:50
all you need is a 10mm ratchet and wallah it will come straight out

22-04-08, 01:04

23-04-09, 05:46
Whooo! Thanks for another awesome glossary :) I was wracking my head at what that rattling black box could be. I'll just let it keep on ticking.

n boost
23-04-09, 11:36
Mine didn't make any noise's are far as i can remember.

23-04-09, 11:40
Mine does not make a noise either. Is there any advantage to removing it ?

23-04-09, 12:38
mine dont make any noises, loads cars have them, my 200sx s14a had one,