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Ian C
03-04-05, 21:21
Racelogic Traction Control

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What is it?
A motorsport level programmable traction control unit, with in-car adjustment of 'allowed' wheelspin (slip) levels via a control box. It works by instantly cutting the fuel injectors rather than the crapulous stock method of closing a throttle plate five seconds after the wheels started spinning.

Great in the wet, almost a 'standard' upgrade for the Supra, will catch those moments that you might not. Still allows for fun with the selectable slip rates. Makes uber-powered Supras more fun to drive.

Needs professional fitting, takes some calibration, and the software is not the easiest to use.

26-06-05, 13:26
Only requires professional fitting if you think you cant do it. If you can follow simple diagrams and solder in confined spaces, it will take about a day to fit properly.