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jonny mac
04-05-16, 08:23
Lexus / Toyota gs300 / aristo chassis breaking

the car is the navi pack model so has the full black leather electric motor heated seats, navigation headunit, cruise control etc etc

everything is available except the engine as I'm keeping that

I can post things, buyers organise their own courier with their own insurance, I just package it up and send you pics of the packaging process and the labels on the package, the rest is up to you

I'm located in Aberdeen Scotland and deal with couriers a lot through my work so posting stuff is no issue, interparcel.com and parcel2go.com provide on average around 10 for a parcel up to 1m square

so the pics:










engine not for sale, everything else is around it though:

brand new rear discs and pads


brand new rh tie rod:






Bonnet (has been keyed/scratched) 80
Front bumper 100
Headlights 70
Tail lights 70
Doors 50 each without interior trim
Black Leather Seats 2x front and rear bench both parts 250
Door Cards x4 60
5 Wheels with 4x nearly new 235/45/17 Michelin tyres 250
brake calipers 30 each (need to check condition)
new rear discs and pads 60
Navigation headunit 250
Autobox 100
Diff+Shafts if they come out the hubs without damage 80
4x Hubs 100
Floor mats 40
Bootlid 60
Rear Bumper 50

rough prices which I think are fair after a little research, offers welcome and any parts available on request

***front bumper and wings provisionally sold***

04-05-16, 08:25
how much for the igniter pack please?

peter richards
04-05-16, 08:44
whats the front screen squirters like , are they just the normal jet or a spray , and would they fit a supra bonnet , plus i might have the pump as well .

thanks peter

Marcus GTE
04-05-16, 11:54
Hi mate you have PM

04-05-16, 12:17
What diff does it have ? Are they comparable to supra ? Want an A02B.

jonny mac
04-05-16, 14:30
unsure on diff, I'd need to try find out on the gs forum, it's the n/a auto 2jz diff anway I know that much, and from what I've seen, it has two diff mounts on the rear so maybe is a good one?

also the squirters are just ordinary for the window, not fan/mist ones. tried them last night, I can sell the screen wash bottle with pump and so on for 30

- - - Updated - - -

provisionally sold pending collection:
front bumper
front wings x2
rear bootlid
rear bumper

peter richards
04-05-16, 14:42
ok thanks ill have a check ,i can hear the pump , but next to nothing coming out

12-05-16, 02:13
What price on the steering wheel mate?

27-07-16, 21:11
are the hubs interchangeable with the supras?

jonny mac
29-07-16, 01:34
car has been crushed, everything was sold off, I do have the 2jz autobox, propshaft and diff sitting around still if anyone needs.