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  1. well i'd planned this year to get the shell painted and purchased a 2jz gte non vvt TT engine finally after nearly 2 years of hunting for a complete one....then this happened i'll update my full thread with pics of what's been happening later and some more info on parts collected i've now got myself some oem plastic aero side skirts, trd rep rear spoiler, another bonnet that is in perfect condition as my last one was a bit rough, got a mint pair of doors now to get painted, got a new toyota set of lights all round, however i'll also be buying some facelift headlights as i thi
  2. following on from here: https://www.mkivsupra.net/topic/247459-my-serious-heartbreak4-thousand-pounds-down-the-toilet/?tab=comments#comment-3536853 i am now in the market to get a 2jz gte non vvti head, i'm looking for a clean non damaged/worn head if possible, i am considering buying from toyota new as i get small discount being in the motor trade but it'll still be 2k plus just checking before i go ahead
  3. nah it was stock, no cam gears unless he changed them over before i bought them, would rather not say which supra 'specialist' it was yet as i'm still reading into what can be done first before i take any further action weather it's legal etc i don't know however judging by the state this thing is in it wouldn't surprise me as the seller told me after i started kicking up a fuss about it that it was a spare engine that he used to pull parts off and use it for spares, basically thrown all the bad shit back onto my one to make a sale for himself and has completely ruined
  4. hi, just bought an engine from someone that i thought would have been kind enough to properly check it before selling it, however i'm now in a bit of a situation where i require parts on a limited budget as i've sunk everything i had spare into this purchase it's a 2jz gte non vvti TT engine from a supra i need the following if anyone is holding and willing to part with: stock 2jz gte fuel pressure regulator for stock rail found and purchased stock 2jz gte cam cover oil cap side non vvt stock 2jz gte non vvt cams (possibly have
  5. hi, i'll pm you regarding turbo pipes
  6. hi guys, looking for either a supra or an aristo jzs147 engine i need either a complete 2jz gte non vvti engine (front or rear sump i don't care) or a complete full 2jz gte non vvti head as built as possible and i'll fit to my spare turbo block PLEASE PM ME thanks
  7. not made any changes as I sold the car, however the rpm gauge didn't work for me no matter what I did, tried a gte cluster and also adding resistor but the output from igniter on aristo engine loom isn't the correct signal I'm doing another aristo engine into a mk4 now for my new tt shell project but I'm actually going to just go stand alone ecu masters black edition this time and cut/join the loom into ecu master plugs as it's so much easier the aristo ecu is very limited and has no tuning capabilities and things like fuel cut are really annoying
  8. clutch pedal came from Toyota Arnold clark Aberdeen, I can supply the list of part numbers if you need, there are loads it's likely easier to buy from a seller on ebay as there are a few guys on there selling full kits cheaper than I paid for Toyota Aberdeen from memory all my interior is going back in the car in a few weeks time, i'm currently waiting on one of the last few brand new oem Toyota heater matrix's arriving
  9. well it's 2019 and I'm keen to get started on the car once the warmer weather comes back in all I've really been doing lately is parts collecting managed to find a pair of oem plastic aero side skirts which is awesome! clutch pedal has been assembled and is ready to go in
  10. i'll have a set, how can I go about buying them from you?
  11. ok, sure I can get that written up, I know so far I have 2 sets of dash plastic prefacelift, 2 sets of seat belts, 2 sets of door cards, 2 full plastic rear interior trims, 2 carpets, 2 arm rests, 2 glove box sets i'll get a list up later
  12. had josh in with his welder to fill the holes on the body into the new pannel 122 by Jonny McIntosh, on Flickr 123 by Jonny McIntosh, on Flickr also had the trans tunnel mount correctly repaired by him it was all red oxide primered and then sealed up both inside and outside 124 by Jonny McIntosh, on Flickr another very important part for me was the steering rack boot, this was missing when i collected the car and the previous owner didn't reply when i'd asked him if he still had it so i had to buy one, this came from somewhere far away in the other side of europe 125
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