View Full Version : Steering lock mechanism not locking

29-09-11, 00:10

Got a few things I'm not sure about and would appreciate some help on how to fix them.

[-]1: The steering lock doesn't engage with the keys out. Not sure where to start to fix this if I even can.[/-] Wasn't turning the wheel far enough.. :think:

2: When driving along with the overdrive on, the overdrive light on the dash blinks at a constant rate. It isn't changing gear whilst this is happening, wondered if this means trouble. It doesn't blink when O/D is off. O/D light blinks error code 42

3. I have a Toad A221 alarm. Whilst the engine is running the dash board mounted red light flashes as if it's armed. Is this a Toad thing or a problem? Well it's annoying at any rate as it gets my attention whilst driving.

4. My car stinks of burnt fuel or something. Seems stronger at the carbon filter can can under the bonnet. After a week sitting in the garage there is quite a pong opening the garage door at the weekend. As the garage is integrated in the house I can faintly smell it in the airing cupboard above the garage. Straight through exhaust, double de-cat. Could that the reason?


30-09-11, 14:07
Was planning on having a go at the steering lock this weekend, any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

30-09-11, 14:22
2) I'd advise you get the ECU to tell you any stored error codes using the paperclip trick.

02-10-11, 21:15
Checked the ECU for error codes. The check engine light flashes continuously as if no fault, but the O/D light seems to be giving code 42 which is check No1 speed sensor.