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18-02-02, 23:10
hope this is in the correct place,feel free to move it if it is

hi people
had a go at drag racing at the yorkshire motor festival last year 1/8 was a fun 2 day show.it was my first attempt at drag racing.i had some great grip doing power brake starts in my auto twin turbo.also had a go at york drag strip on 1/4 but it was bad for me on the start line could not hold car on line because wheels spinning on greasy surface.i have only mildly tuned my supra and since york i have put a de-cat pipe on and its made car loads faster.just getting the fuel cut problem now,bought a trl pete betts fuel cut defencer but needs fitting still :( ^ just need to get it done.
i have also bought RACELOGIC traction control with launch feature from Justin shop.need it fitting too.i have been reading on this board how much you all rate it so had to have it :)
^ the thing is i am trying to learn how to get the best start off the line.i put it in manual mode put it in 1st gear then hold on the power brake at say 1500rpm or 2000rpm against a good car like an evo or scooby.also i press the overdrive button so it lights up on the dash (thats off i think) also turn off the traction control too.then i let loose on the green light and try time the gears well. do you let it got up to 6000rpm before a change i know you cant keep high revs in 1st gear as it wheel spins too much.will the RACELOGIC traction control help me get a better start.
i have read it is bad to do too many power brake starts on the auto box.its not as if i am running a 500bhp supra that will eat the box up.i would have a rough guess at about 330bhp with my mods so far.
mods done so far
BLITZ nurspec r exhaust
BLITZ induction kit
BLITZ dump valve
BLITZ de-cat pipe
BLITZ rad cap
HKS intercooler hard pipe kit

cusco strut bars front n rear on order

i cant be 100% sure of my bhp so fancy getting it on some rollers to see.i was reading on the net and seen a HKS torque convertor that can handle up to 1000bhp for $1,100 dollars ^is that what i need if i am doing power braking or have i got my wires crossed.i am trying to learn as i go along,
thanks for any info



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09-06-06, 18:41

Old Post but i'd really like to hear how people get off the line, Mines an auto TT too.

Wasnt sure if it was a good idea to hold the foot brake whilst bringing the revs up.

Any suggestions?

09-06-06, 18:43
blimey, 4 years to get a reply:D

09-06-06, 18:47
i was thinking i'm sure Monkeymark has done more runs :d

10-06-06, 00:24
:yeahthat: :rlol:

Mate have a quick search and im sure you'll find hundreds of threads with loads of technics that people use and why they do it and why people don't.

10-06-06, 00:29
:yeahthat: search for power braking and you should get some good results :)

10-06-06, 08:15
I'm sure MonkeyMark could teach other auto owners a thing or two now ;)

The uprated torque convertor made the most difference on the strip.

10-06-06, 08:22
Monkeymark has become a bit of an auto drag racing legend on this board :)

What time did you get 'way back in the day' Mark?

09-08-06, 23:46
bloody hell just spotted this as i was looking for some video link i posted.i think i was running 14`s early on.loved that day at car show when they were racing up 1/8th mile track.was good fun and got me into racing car.
remember been lined up against a big 7l chevy truck was chatting to guy.
also when i was going up 1/8th mile track this woman on finish line kept waving to me lol.she was asking if i would take her up strip in car but guys on start line would not let her go up.

suppose you just get better with practice.i was in 13`s for ages then each time i went i kept beating time knocking a tenth off here and there.was happy to just get into 12`s then one day i did a mid 12 on street tyres.then was wanting to try get into 11`s

got a few more bits to try

stripped weight
1.3 bar of boost
bought a nos kit to try

if turbos blow its ok as i have a turbo kit and fuel kit to have a try with.

good fun taking part.

supprised you not fancied trying yours jamie.you not curious as to what you can do now its all mapped up.

10-08-06, 07:26
blimey, 4 years to get a reply:D

better late than never:)

02-10-11, 11:42
just seen this what an old thread started in 2002 think this is longest i have owned 1 car.supra drag racing in a different league now so many mega fast cars.for an auto a uprated torque convertor and some drag radials and a decent prepped track just depends how far you want to go.better taking part than watching.

03-10-11, 10:50
You need to get yours back on the road Mark. How you doing these days anyway?

06-10-11, 17:08
You need to get yours back on the road Mark. How you doing these days anyway?
hi mate in process of sorting something out now.the futures bright the futures orange lol

06-10-11, 19:33
hi mate in process of sorting something out now.the futures bright the futures orange lol

Coming south to pick something up dude, dont forget to bring tea.

06-10-11, 19:39
Coming south to pick something up dude, dont forget to bring tea.
will have to try some of that southern shandy you all drink lol