View Full Version : think i found the wheels i want

20-01-04, 23:11
well i think have finally found the alloys i am gonna get. Although not 100% sure due to size and tyre widths etc.... and how it would look on white car. I know wheels can make or break the look of car which is why i havent raced into buying wheels for the supra. If i get pic of my car would anyone mind photoshopping them onto my car :)

what does everyone think of the wheels??

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21-01-04, 00:18
Interesting. Something I'd have to see in the flesh so to speak I reckon, look ok from what you can see though.

Gaz Walker
21-01-04, 00:24
They are Racing Hart CRs with a Carbon Fibre centre. Wierd!


21-01-04, 00:35
Look pretty slick from where I'm sitting!


21-01-04, 09:11
Originally posted by Gaz Walker
They are Racing Hart CRs with a Carbon Fibre centre. Wierd!


hmmm.....i wonder if they do this any alloys then!??!

im gonna email them and get them to send me a brochure thing. response time estamated at probably 3 weeks!lol

21-01-04, 10:40
nice :)

21-01-04, 10:41
Don't really like them TBH.

21-01-04, 11:13
I would be concerned about longevity. The 'carbon fibre wrap' might not stay wrapped for long in our climate.

21-01-04, 11:25
Me no likey.. they kinda look as if they've just had Carbon Fiber bits drapped around the center like a bandage. :conf:

21-01-04, 12:39
Came across them too couple of days ago but was worried about how the wrap would stay on here. Also you would have thought that they would be pic on the site of cars with them but there isn't a single one. They look good but i'd want a full pic not just the ones they have there but i think they would look good on a lowered white soop

Paul Laing
21-01-04, 13:41
Sorry but there horrible!!!! Michel on this board has some OZ Racing wheels for sale, 19x9 and 19x10 i think they are, look amazing on his white Supe. Not sure if he's sold them though....worth a pm?


21-01-04, 14:02
may do, like i said as i know wheels make or break a cars look. I have been looking for a while! also saving little more cash to help.
Mate suggested other day how about those onse spokes...................... i attacked him dont worry:twak:

21-01-04, 16:24
Not my cup of tea

#1 Adam
21-01-04, 20:02
Yeh there different.. I think they would look nice on silver, not to sure about white though. TBH I wouldn't go for them on white..... keep hunting they're out there somewhere!!!

21-01-04, 20:04
like i said i like the wheels waiting for them to send brochure so i can get photo shopping but think ur right.......back to drawing board :(

#1 Adam
21-01-04, 20:28
Im going to be in the same boat as you soon. I'll be getting my new wheels before the summer. It's hard to find a set what really complements the car, aswell as being original. I've come to the conclusion it's not about being original it's about what suites (suites u sir) the car the best.