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10-06-08, 23:18
Big thanks to Whifbitz for supplying these and all the advice whilst I was looking at what I was after.

Fitted the KAD's at the weekend. Was a much easier job than I was expecting as the disks came off with little effort and after spending time cleaning the hubs up I had next to no run out.

Very impressed with the performance from the massive 378 AP's up front even with taking it easy whilst the are run in.

Unfortunatly I seem to have the same issue as Ben with the rears, even though mine are the four pots and im using different pads they rattle about which becomes rather annoying after a while. So Paul even if Kad tells you the four pot fixes this issue - They would be wrong, are they sure the pad references are right they give out with the kits?

11-06-08, 09:05
I am thinking about going the same route ... can you give an impression on the road...

11-06-08, 16:33
They are excellent, much better peddle feel and give convidence on the road, not really pushed them yet as i am running them in but so far so good!

11-06-08, 16:42
Can i ask how much, pm me if you dont want to say publicly.

11-06-08, 16:47
They should like nice behind your rims :)

17-06-08, 20:56
Can i ask how much, pm me if you dont want to say publicly.

Bought from Whifbitz and the new 4 pots which I have on the rear have now been updated on Paul's web site.

18-06-08, 09:43
My calipers have been sent of to KAD to take a look at and see if they can fix the knocking sound. Will report back.



18-06-08, 21:26
That will be intersting to know Ben. Would that be why your not at Snetterton tomorrow night then?

As the pads have worn the backs have sorted themselves out and are a quiet as a mouse. After the 1200 miles round trip to france at low speeds the fronts now make a horrific rattling noise, I was warned that floating AP disks were noisey but this sounds like they are going to fall apart. When you apply the brake even a small amount it stops. Im going to have a look at the weekend and take some pics etc may have to get hold of some pads to do some testing with :search:

19-06-08, 13:01
Unfortunately yeah (plus I was too slow to book anyway ;)) I have heard the floating disks are noisey too.

19-06-08, 13:07
Do we have any fitted pics Mike :)

19-06-08, 13:12
Do we have any fitted pics Mike :)

Always interested to see pics of BBKs

20-06-08, 23:09
will do tomorrow!!

24-06-08, 20:44
Pics uploaded, better late than never. Not as clean as it could be but its raining.

24-06-08, 21:38
Very nice, they're more blue than I'd imagined from catalogue pics I'd seen, they fill the wheels up well don't they :)

24-06-08, 21:46
They are quite a deep blue but im well impressed with them. The do full the wheels but I still recond they would go under 18's as there is loads of room when you look closely.

I will have to give it a try at some point before i invest in some cheap wheels for track days.

24-06-08, 22:16
Do up-rated brakes need an up-rated brake master cylinder

24-06-08, 22:17
Depends on how far you want to take it but I have not changed mine.

24-06-08, 22:22
They look really good mate. hows the noise with them now did you guys find a solution?

25-06-08, 13:04
The backs are fine now the pads have bedded in but the fronts make alot of noise. I was warned that floating disks make alot of noise but its quite bad at the minute. I need to take them off and check them as at the minute is sounds more like the pads moving about than the floating disk moving on the bell.

Paul Whiffin
25-06-08, 19:08
They look great mate. Just to clarify, the 378mm conversion uses a floating disc which is noisy as hell, the 356mm conversion doesn't so is quiet, 356mm being the most popular as most people have 18".


25-06-08, 20:05
Ah I see so the 356 is fixed to the Bell where as the 378 floats? Are you using 378's on your Paul?

Paul Whiffin
25-06-08, 20:49
378mm on my car yes, so noisy though but then I dont use it much to worry about it.

25-06-08, 21:01
Yep mine will become just a weekend toy soon :D

Paul Whiffin
25-06-08, 21:14
It happens!

25-06-08, 21:18
:D and when it does - single here I come!!!

Just ordered the ECU side of things :nana: