View Full Version : Had a 'flight' in a hovercraft today...

07-12-03, 22:10
Went to Portsmouth for the day with mum, just fancied a blast somewhere. Got there, and saw the 10min hovercraft crossing to Isle of Wight, so decided to go for it. Was simply awesome. The Supra of the seas :D I love hovercrafts, and I've always wanted to have a ride in one. Was a bit like a rollercoaster thumping over the waves (some pretty big swell), though the skirt acts like a well-sorted suspension set up, so much nicer than being in a ferry, and very cool for sure. Biggest grin I've had apart from when driving the Soop :)


08-12-03, 08:46
Sounds different- wasn't it absolutely unbearably freezing?

08-12-03, 13:16
I believe one sits inside the hovercraft, a bit like a plane but flatter and wider.

08-12-03, 13:19
Interestingly (thread divert warning!!!)...
the only hovercraft I've ever been on "punctured" its skirt as we approached Calais. Many years later, that very same hovercraft crashed into the wall at Dover.

The last cross-channel ferry I was on caught fire.

Every school and college I've attended has burnt down.

08-12-03, 13:27
What was that you say "carrie"? or should I say "Jonah?!"