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Kent Phil
05-12-03, 08:55
A Toyota Dealer informed me that they would not be able to do much work on my 98 VVTI becuase - "We could not guarantee the work. The Manuals are all in Japanese, Sir. All we can do for you is an oil change."

Before I name and shame, is this common practice?

I am used to being treated like this by Nissan, but I thought Toyota were different...There is the possiblity I am being terrifyingly naive, though!:stupid:

05-12-03, 08:58
i think this is fairly common, getting parts not generally a problem but often won't do any work on 'Imports'

05-12-03, 09:09
I didn't have a problem having a cambelt, and major service, carried out at a toyota dealer and at the uk fixed price (which is a lot) but at least it wasn't; we will do the work and bill you later (at an extra 10 per hour), or oh no we dont touch supras or GT4's.

The problem is they garage gets scared, when there blokes are usually used to changing oil on yaris, and corolas, etc..

Personally I can't see the problem, while the car might seem complex the service, and other minor tasks are no diffrent to any other car.

While it's nice to have a Toyota stamp in the book, you will find that a company that does lots of work on supras, and the like, would be a better bet anyway.

Thats my 2p hope it helps.

Matt Harwood
05-12-03, 09:14
Wouldn't happen to be McCarthy's or Beadles as they're now known - In Aylesford?

Kent Phil
05-12-03, 10:31

I could not possibly comment...:thumbs:


Matt Harwood
05-12-03, 10:56
They refused to sell me an oil filter because I didn't have my chassis number with me :twak:

Kent Phil
05-12-03, 10:59
Oh well, here goes...they asked for my chasis number and mdoel code for Wiper Blades !!! Being thorough or awkward??? I am not sure...but they were suprised when I said "It's parked otuside, I'll go and get it..."


05-12-03, 11:32
Octogon in Bracknell, while they say they don't service imports and I'd have to go to Slough (yeah right, like I'd take my sup into slough :eek: ) they will however still sell me whatever parts I want! :)

05-12-03, 12:08
Originally posted by HISUPE
(yeah right, like I'd take my sup into slough :eek: )

hahaha - i'd lock my doors ;) But, the Toyota dealership in Slough is part of the Octagon group - NO ?

They have Reading, Bracknell and Slough if I'm not mistaken.

Steve in parts is a good guy :) and his boss this little Irish chap is even better :thumbs:

Note: It's the older Steve as there is two in the Parts department.

I think they had a new guy in once and I wanted some new Lic plates making up with the Lexus logo (in black) at the bottom as this is what was on the original plates but, the new boy told me that I would have to have Toyota on the bottom of the plate (in red and black) as this is what the car was......The Irish manager came in and said "Give this guy anything he wants" so, the new boy did :)

This was before my recent problems so, no special service due to that !

Note: I only got the Lexus logo as it was a) on the original plates and I want to keep it looking standard/original where possible B) the Red and black Toyota logo that they use is crap and stands out a mile IMO.

Keith C
05-12-03, 14:29
McCarthy in Sidcup are supposed to be good for imports. :)

05-12-03, 14:48
But, the Toyota dealership in Slough is part of the Octagon group - NO ?

I had to go there once to have brake pads fitted as Bracknell was fully booked for weeks in advance.

Made sure I was tooled up:)

Green Peace
05-12-03, 15:01
I found Pinewood Toyota in Coulsden Very Good...though they have ditched their Toyota Franchise now but still work on Supras.

They were the best people I had ever been to.

Jemca used to be good with their import section JEM but since John Haig (the Acid Bath Murderer) left and joined Suberu its gone way down the pan.

I know that some people had a few probs with Jem in the past...They were always fairly good with me if I COMPLAiNED they would rectify my rectum immediately by kissing it.

Shame John Haigs left..coz would of carried on going there.

Not happy with the new management...I dont trust them