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  1. Ah, so you already had the stock suspension? I'm trying to find some to refit, without success...
  2. This looks amazing! I have a similarly aging UK spec, so I have some questions: The stock UK suspension: where/when did you get it? I was under the impression they're unobtainable now! The underneath work: where did you get it done? Did they have any findings? I'm told (literally today) that I've got some surface rust to deal with, so I'm interested in just how much was involved
  3. I do have some stock 17's - one of the tyres is toast though, so I'm really reluctant to buy a tyre for an experiment.
  4. Hmm. I can't rule out it being worn shocks - they've been on there many years. Can you remember what colour the springs were on the Bilstein's? Mine are green...but I can't see any other identifying marks.
  5. I'm fed up with a hard, crashy ride on my car, and I want to go softer, so am looking for advice as to what my options are. I've got a set of the Toyota Bilstein shocks at the moment - I don't know what springs I have other than I think they might be Eibach's - but honestly, I'm fed up with them. Wheel wise I have a set of 18" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's, which I like the look of, 8.5" at the front, 10" at the back, 35 offset all round. The ride is just so much harder and crashier than I want these days. With the state of roads now, driving has stopped being fun, and particula
  6. I sometimes lurk by proxy. Still got the same car 18 years later though.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to identify this part so I can order some; these pictures are taken from another car. These rubber blocks are at the ends of the cowl/scuttle panel, and sit under the point of the front wings where they meet the windscreen. If anyone can identify what they are called, or better still point me in the direction of a part number, I would be very grateful. Thanks!
  8. Blimey - cheers for all that Ian. However, and this is bizarre, it seems to have disappeared again! It's a bit clunkier than I remember in the even gears, but doesn't seem overly noisy!
  9. Ah ok - I'll drop him a PM then, cheers
  10. It was Mark @ Phoenix - already did a search! Not an option any more though
  11. Cheers - fingers crossed! It's been a while since I drove the A14...
  12. Cheers for that Chris! I guess the opposite question is what am I leaving myself open to if I don't do anything; am I risking a catastrophic and messy failure, or will it likely just get noisier and noisier until it stops working one day?
  13. Also, I take it this isn't something that's likely to go away with an oil change and crossed fingers?
  14. Cheers Chris! What are my options at this point? It looks like I have a couple of gearbox specialists nearby, or should I simply be looking at the idea of just replacing the box entirely? Is this something that you're able to take on? Shame I don't live closer to you!
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