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30-11-03, 17:30
Mi baby has been sold, a guy from London with an NA just placed a deposit on it, and is getting a train back later this week.

Its been fun the last 3years 10months those early days with stock gei 16" wheels..

I got 2 SP 30s in the first week of having her..

2nd week of having her.. Span her on a roundabout.

I've had some great fun.. I done 75,000 in my time she's always been serviced at Toyota.. MK4 Supra, what a car. Not a single mechanical problem in all my trouble free miles.

Rav4 here we come.

I want to thank all you guys who have guided me and also in a wierd way I consider true friends. We've shared our experiences, our pain and joy with each other.

I'll no doubt stick around in some gei form...

Its been a fucking blast.


Brad B
L3.0 BYE

Steve W
30-11-03, 17:40

Brad.... you are gonna pop back on 'ere now & then to

tell us just how gei we're all gettin' ?? keep us in line like ??

(ps. if you get 'withdrawal symptoms', you can always pop up

'ere and sniff my exhaust fumes baby ! !:sly: )


30-11-03, 17:43
I ain't sniffy j00r exhaust fumes j00 fat c*nt, i've seen your arse

* PLEASE NOTE: Brad is in swearing mode, akin to teh last day of a job or at school. This is not normal, nor acceptable behaviour on this forum. w0000000000t

Steve W
30-11-03, 17:54
fair cop mate..... have never actually seen it, myself ! !

too frightened to look ! ! !:moo: but I've seen others STARE at it..


alright, if you ever want a
Low-Speed/Kickdown/2ndTurb/WetRoad/JapTRAC/ThruFence spin
just pop on over matie......

I've heard RAV's just can't cum up wiv a proper spin-out ???:(

30-11-03, 17:57
All the best Brad :)

30-11-03, 17:57
Sorry to read you're finally leaving the fold double B, only met you the once but have enjoyed our online interaction. Stay in touch man.

30-11-03, 18:06
Touch mi, mi bredren.

Dougie s0n j00 know where this nigga hangz.


Nah j00 r safe as fuck son. Proper.

Ph34r Johnny Nova coming thru...

Matt Harwood
30-11-03, 18:21
Just for you Brad ;)


30-11-03, 18:23
Originally posted by Bradb
Rav4 here we come.


Thats so gei it's effeminate. Teh fold will be sorry to lose you man. We can only hope that one day you cease your gei'ness and rejoin Supra 0\/\//\/3R$#!P

30-11-03, 18:35
Feel for you mate!! Hope you come back with a new beast soon...Had fun chatting with you!! All the best!!:thumbs: :)

30-11-03, 18:41
hahah thanks for all the kind words kids. Matty H.. Thanks for that, jsut what I needed tha tforum beofre i buy.

I think when I back into the fold of performance I'll be getting an R34 GTR..


I am gei right now tho.

30-11-03, 18:48
Originally posted by Bradb
I am gei right now tho.

First step to conquering your illness is admitting it son. :p

P.S. Buying a datsun does not remove gei'ness, just so you know.

30-11-03, 19:02
It'll be such a relif being able to buy 4 tyres for 150 not just the one. :innocent:

Matt Harwood
30-11-03, 19:27
Originally posted by Bradb
It'll be such a relif being able to buy 4 tyres for 150 not just the one. :innocent:

My wife has a Rav 4 mate... Think again! :eek:

Gaz Walker
30-11-03, 19:41
Wont be the same without you B - damn sight quieter though ;) :D


30-11-03, 19:46

Tell me more

My wife has a Rav 4 mate... Think again!

Although in all fairness I do't think its got the same torque as a Supra :innocent:

Wont be the same without you B - damn sight quieter though

hahaha w00t

theres been a fair share of people who think your a cock smoker Gazza. Me however I in fact think your safe as fuk I think ya got badboy skills, alright you've had a few gei stints but hey we're all gei.

I ain't going.. going. Thats not Brads way. I the bloke in your house party you cant get rid of. But joking aside, its at times like this when it gives time to reflect on the times I had with mi Supra and also with you guys.

Am i gei?

30-11-03, 19:52
I still don't get whats so funny about asking how many Spark Plugs a Supra has. :D

How many does a Rav4? 4? :innocent:

Steve W
30-11-03, 20:15
(Brad.... it's NOT a stupid question... mine had FOUR at
Elvington ! ! ! :mad: )

30-11-03, 20:17
...hmm well least it'll go to a loving home :)

I hired a rav4 in Cyprus to do some offroading...it had orange Bosh headlights (that cool n'all) you're just shifting the seats back for less boot space :)

Go for the land cruiser :D

Matt Harwood
30-11-03, 20:56
Originally posted by Bradb

Tell me more

My wife has a Rav 4 mate... Think again!

We've got a Rav 4 VX with 16" alloys and apparently they have a really odd tyre size, 235/60/16... Nobody stocks them, and I had prices ranging from 90 each for some crap unheard-of make, to 160 for something decent...
Thankfully, I've got a good contact in the tyre trade and he got me a pair of Bridgestones for 75 each.

Other than that, in true Toyota style, it's never put a foot wrong so far... (Where's the wood! :innocent: )

Only critisim we have is that when you put shopping in the boot, when you come to unload it, it all falls out the back because it has a flat floor.

30-11-03, 21:21
I'll look out for that Matty. Thanks pal.

I also pulled mi MP3 player out you hooked me up with so I consider that the soul of mi supra. :innocent:

01-12-03, 18:51
Been a pleasure Brad.

Time files, I remember my first welcome pm to ya.

All the best to you and da family. Take care son.:thumbs:

Gordon F
01-12-03, 21:48
Ciao Brad - look after yourself.
Hope you get to keep the titz longer than you got to keep the car :p

01-12-03, 22:45
hahaha G. Good hit.

01-12-03, 22:54
I can't believe it's taken that long to sell, you weren't asking too high price or anything. Oh well it's done now. Good luck with whatever you do next d00d.

01-12-03, 22:57
I only had it in the Autotrader for 2 weeks in all fairness. I never had it advertised. advertised.. :innocent:

04-12-03, 06:27
I remember when I first come on here, Brad was a strange one, a lot more fluent back then, guess his nipper is keeping him busy, either that or the w00000ting hes been doing lately.

Anyway mate, stay in touch, \/\/3 L()v3 \/ Lo\g T1m3