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22-06-07, 18:14
Hi guys and gals,

New to the owners club however i have owned my 94' blazing red NA Supra for nearly two years now.
Been building up my no claims and now 24 so hopefully could be getting a twin if the insurance will let me!:rolleyes:


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22-06-07, 18:21
Hi there Starkers!!

Welcome to the club!!;)


22-06-07, 18:25

Go get dressed ;)

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22-06-07, 19:56
Hi and welcome
Na`s are usually not that much cheaper to insure than TT`s and a uk TT will be cheaper!!:):)

23-06-07, 16:44
I can only say 1 thing:


I've just bought an import TT and the first quote I got was 4000 :blink:

I'm 24 and have 1 claim with 4 years no claims discount.

After ringing around I eventually found insurance for 900 which I thought was pretty good.

Eventually I rang my current insurer (Tesco) on my old car (2.0 V6 Mazda) and asked for the bad news pretty much expecting they wouldn't insure me.

They said I would need to be 25 to get insured on a Supra but since im 25 in 2 months I held my ground and argued the point. After being put through to the cancelation department they eventually said they would do it! And after a call to their underwiters they eventually quoted me 580 fully comp for the year! only 180 more than my old Mazda!!!

Just goes to show you can get insured for a reasonable price on anything if you try hard enough! :d

23-06-07, 16:47
Welcome to the Nut house, i mean Famliy. :p

You've done it now, joined up. Means you will be on this site all the time, its addictive, and you'l be buying loads of stuff from here too. :D