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21-02-07, 07:14
Hey everyone, I just found this forum and it seems perfect to get answers to some questions I have. I live in Florida in the US and I was just starting to give up on ever getting a Supra soon since here they're so damn expensive. The cheapest ones are $15000 for a N/A with well over 100,000 miles. And a TT is $20,000 minimum. I'm 19 so I can barely afford it. But then I was looking at Supras for sale in the UK and I couldn't belive how much cheaper they are.

So i was thinking what would it take to import a Supra here to the US from the UK and if it's a good idea?

21-02-07, 08:32
I have no idea about the cost of importing to the US. I suppose with the current exchange rate being so in favour of the pound you will struggle to make it financially viable with tax and transport on top.

Welcome to the club anyway!!:)


21-02-07, 09:12
I got to agree, with the exchange rate at $1.95 it cannot really be that much of a saving can it?

Also would the steering on the wrong side be an insurance issue?

21-02-07, 09:16
You might have a nightmare getting it converted to use in the US too, due to all the regulations.

Jspec Germany
21-02-07, 09:20
Hey DJ, what part of Florida? I used to live in Tampa while stationed at MacDill. Stationed in Germany now. Your best bet is to try the West Coast and get a JDM car. Have you been on Supraforums? There's a guy in the Southwest with the screen name Obiwan on both this forum and SF. I sometimes buy parts through him. He always has a couple of cars, so you can start there. As you said though, they're expensive and hard to find in the states. I've been looking around as well as I may be in the market for a second Supra and they're all in the 20-45K range. As mentioned, driving a RHD car on LHD roads can be a challenge. I do it hear in Germany, but it's a PITA on straight roads. Not as big a deal in the curves. Best of luck on your search and welcome to the forum.

21-02-07, 12:36
Hello and welcome

21-02-07, 17:16
Thanks for the replies everyone! I live in Orlando right now Jspec so I'll check that out.

Well I was looking at this site

And there are some N/A Supras for around 4 to 5k pounds which converts to 8 to 10k in US dollars. compare that to the 15k a N/A with HIGH mileage costs here.

Also some TT supras on that site are 8 to 9k pounds which converts to about 16 to 18k. compared to well over 20k for a TT here.

I could definatly settle for a 5000 pounds N/A or save a couple more years and get a TT. I'm pretty sure I could get used to right hand drive so that isin't a problem. So for me it sounds perfect except for the whole importing it here from another country thing. I'm kind of worried about buying a car without ever seeing it in person and if it costs to much to do I think I just may keep saving and looking for one in the US.

EDIT: Damn I just looked at the ones for sale here and people are asking under 7k for a TT. Man these prices are way cheaper than here.

Jspec Germany
22-02-07, 08:37
Supply and Demand dude.

22-02-07, 17:34
Welcome, don't forget though that 90% of the supra's here were imported from Japan, so cheaper still, you may be better tring to find an agent, or try to import a car yourself, I'm pretty sure I've heard of a few JDM's in the US so that would be your best option :)

22-02-07, 18:08
Sorry I'm new to all of this haha so let me see if I got this. A JDM here in the states might go for the same low prices I see on here? Or I could just import one straight from japan? I still think I would feel safer buying one from a member from here who sells many supras and has a ton of credablity. Last thing I want to do is go through all the shit of importing a car here and having it be a lemon.

I've been reading up on the proccess of importing a vehicle and it says some cars are already considered certified to import. Anyone know if a Supra would fall under this?

22-02-07, 18:20
Well importing directly from Japan to the states could save you a few more $$$$'s over importing a car from here, but as you say more risk involved unless you find a good dealership to buy from in Japan which isnt easy, ok well I'm not 100% but in the states don't you have the 15 year rule with importing cars from japan or anywhere in the world? which would mean the only ceritified supra you could bring in is the mk3 until next year when the mk4 supra is then 15 years old, but if you are tight on cash you could get yourself a 1JZ mk3 from japan for very cheap, 2.5tt and very similar motor to the 2JZ, very good tuning potential on this too, but if it must be a mk4 then I'm sure by next year there would be quite a few 93 supras coming over :)

22-02-07, 18:35
Speak with Jurgen from JM Imports he should be able to advise you better.


22-02-07, 18:38
Well i've been reading alot about that and didn't see anything about that 15 year rule. Like I said I think my best bet for now is buying a Supra from someone on this forum and importing it because I would feel the safest buying it from someone I can trust.

But you said there are JDM's here, would they be the same low prices or would they still be the crazy high ones that regular US supras go for.

Speak with Jurgen from JM Imports he should be able to advise you better.


Awsome, this could be of huge help. I'm pissed cause I got to go to work now and I wont be able to talk with this guy until like 10 hours from now. Oh well, I'll be working dying to get home and look more into that. Thanks!