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Guys, ive hit a brick wall :(


Just had my AEM AFR gauge sensor plumbed in, but havent a clue what im doing next to give it power. There are only 2 wires that need power, a red and a black one. I havent a clue what im doing when it comes to anything like this. Would it be posible for any of you guys to give me a hand? I make great tea ;) or if need be someone to say join that wire to that and the other to that one :)

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Guest mason19

I have a video inspection camera I ocaasionaly use for work. The setup is a camera lens on a cable that sends a raw feed. The manufactuerers setup is to use it with a laptop to provide both a viewing screen and video capture/recording. The problem is that this setup is combersome to use and that video capture software is not reliable and i find that many times I have to reinstall the software while on a job. The camera does connect through a USB connection.


Here is my thought. I would like to patch the camera into a camcorder. Thus the camcorder would serve as both the viewing and recording device. I know that you can record onto a camcorder through a the firewire cable.


My questions are

1) as you are recording on to the camera from an external source can it be viewed simitaneously on the cams video screen?

2) Can a USB connection ( or RCA connection) be patched into firewire with an adapter?




Electronic Whistle

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