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York Dragway - Various Dates


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Various dates now up on the site:




Race season:


Easter’s season opener at York Raceway


16 April Mini vs. Beetle Shootout


Easter Sunday

-11th annual Mini vs. Beetle Shootout

-Drag racers’ Test & Tune

-Run What You’ve Brung sessions


17 April Super Street Shootout


Easter Monday


-2NZ Modders Shootout round 1

-Test & Tune for high performance and drag cars

-Run What You've Brung sessions

-Air Cooled Eliminations Round 1




Bank holiday weekend special for tuners and drag racers

30 April 2NZ (tuners)


Tuners’ action at York Raceway including the 0-60 Challenge




-Includes the annual 0-60 Challenge with trophies awarded for Quickest 4-cylinder, Quickest 6-cylinder, Quickest normally aspirated V8, Quickest 1/4 Mile, Quickest 1/4 Terminal Speed and Overall 0-60 Champion

-2NZ Modders Shootout round 2

-Hot Rod Challenge qualifying for round 1

-Northern Drag Racing Championship Pro-ET and Sportsman-ET bracket series qualifying for round 1

-Run What You’ve Brung

N.B. Once participants are signed on for Run What You’ve Brung or racing, there is FREE registration and qualifying for 0-60 runs.




Bank Holiday Monday features Jap 2NZ -York Raceway’s events for tuners of Japanese cars

1 May UK Open Nationals


Bank Holiday Monday:

-Jap 2NZ, because you’ve asked for it! York’s inaugural event for tuners of Japanese cars

-American Super Stock Test & Tune.

-Northern Drag Racing Championship bracket series round 1 eliminations

-Hot Rod Challenge round 1 eliminations

-Plus plenty of track time for Run What You’ve Brung for cars and bikes




York Raceway’s big double-header for Spring Bank Holiday!

28-29 May UK Spring Nationals


Sunday 28th


-American Super Stock round 1

-Northern Drag Racing Championship round 2 qualifying

-Hot Rod Challenge round 2 qualifying

-Air-Cooled Eliminators qualifying

-2NZ Modders shootout round 3

-Wild Bunch nostalgia drag racing series*

-Run What You’ve Brung sessions


Monday 29th


-American Super Stock round 2

-Hot Rod Challenge round 2 eliminations

-Northern Drag Racing Championship bracket

series round 2 eliminations

-Air-Cooled Eliminators round 2

-Wild Bunch nostalgia drag racing series*

-Limited RWYB available




Nitrous Nationals and Ford Shootout at York Raceway

18 June Ultimate Road Car Challenge


-20th Annual Ford Shootout

-Wizards of Nos Nitrous Nationals

-2NZ Modders Shootout round 4

-Run What You’ve Brung for cars and bikes

-Armour Gedden: the debut appearance of

an awesome new stunt vehicle




Time for the toughest doorslammers to prove the point!

16 July Northern Sportsman Nationals


Open to all UK sportsman racers, a great opportunity for doorslammers to get track time and put on a show, with a trophy for the day’s quickest doorslammer, plus:

-Slammer Pro Show

-Northern Drag Racing Championship round 3

-2NZ Modders Shootout round 5

-American Super Stock round 3

-Hot Rod Challenge round 3

-Air-Cooled Eliminators round 3

-Run What You’ve Brung

-Roger Goring and his Firestorm Jet Funny Car




One of the UK’s most popular and enjoyable drag racing events for participants and spectators alike

5-6 August UK Northern Nationals


Featuring the 29th Annual Street Racer Championship, the UK Northern Nationals is one of the North’s biggest drag racing events of the year.


Saturday 5th


-Hot Rod Challenge qualifying round 4

-Air Cooled Eliminators qualifying round 4

-Northern Drag Racing Championship qualifying round 4

-American Super Stock round 4

-Super-Pro Shootout qualifying

-Wild Bunch nostalgia drag racing series*

-National Street Car Challenge*

-Open Run What You've Brung sessions

-Saturday night party and camping

-Plus the29th Annual Street Racer

Championship on Saturday evening


Sunday 6th


-Super-Pro shootout

-American Super Stock round 5

-Hot Rod Challenge round 4 eliminations

-Northern Drag Racing Championship round 4 eliminations

-National Street Car Challenge*

-Air-Cooled Eliminators round 4 eliminations

-Wild Bunch nostalgia drag racing series*

-Limited RWYB




2NZ Tuners Shootout and R WYB for modded and performance cars


27 August Hot Car Spectacular


-Jap 2NZ Tuners (Main Pit area)

-2NZ Modders Shootout round 6

-Run What You've Brung for GTis, hot cars and modifieds




Show, shine and race at York’s event dedicated to GTis and hot hatches


28 August GTi Hot Hatch Spectacular


Monday 28th


-GTi club day

-GTi / Air Cooled Challenge: old dub vs. new dub -the Beetles take on the GTis!

-RWYB for GTis, hot hatches and modifieds

-GTi special demos, including show & shine, cruise parade and GTi shootout (Main Pit area)

- Run What You've Brung (Midway pits)


24 September UK Northern Finals


The Finals at York, usually provides some cliff-hangers for those who didn’t score enough points at the beginning of the season!


-Final round of American Super Stock, round 6

-Final round of Air Cooled Eliminators, round 5

-Final round of Northern Drag Racing Championship, round 5

-Final round of Hot Rod Challenge, round 5

-National Street Car Challenge*

-2NZ Modders Shootout round 7

-Roger Goring’s ‘Firestorm’ jet funny car

-Run What You’ve Brung for cars and bikes


8 October Ultimate Run Wot You've Brung


The last chance to for any final grudge matches, banzai runs or to catch up from any rain-offs before the season closes, plus:


-Finals of Modders Shootout, round 8

-Open Run What You've Brung plus running

of any unconcluded finals


N.B. Most events can also host car club meetings, please call 01422 843651 or email [email protected] for further details.

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