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Hello, I am new to the group. I just received my 96 SZR RHD a few weeks ago. I got the SZR so I could do the 6 speed. but I also what the NA engine to start so i can build and turbo it. Suggestions on where to start to buy a turbo kit? I'm not looking to spend a fortune. I'm also not looking to cheap out. Looking for a cost effective option. I like SupraVworld's COP kit and possibly the dual crank and cam sensor/trigger kit. What I'm looking to do is 400-500 whp, to enjoy the car. i also am looking for an HKS carbon ti exhaust. Hoping to find something used. I'm located in central Pennsylvania. Let me know if you can help or guide me into what parts. I love to learn, I can do the install myself. I have a good local tuner that i plan to take the car to when ready. but i need all the research and all the knowledge before that. 

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