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Garage Whifbitz Oil Sandwich Plate


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Hi folks, anyone got any experience with these ? Specifically threading the 3/4 16" adapter ? My existing plate threads beautifully but this one doesn't thread at all. Very, very, tight. Also oiled up the o-rings and the larger one now really doesn't want to stay in its hole. Not great. 

I ran a 3/4 16" bolt through the adapter it and it took a hell of a lot of torque to turn. I thought I was cross-threading it initially but the bolt's threads are undamaged.  Looks like the bolt fetched off all of the gold coating on the bolt but is still really really tight.  Cleaned it out with a wire brush which helped but amgGuessing that the tollerances this thing was made to didnt accomodate a coating.

Doesn't feel a great quality part 😞 just wondering if I was unlucky or they are in fact as bad as all the other Chinese cheapo units on eBay ...

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