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engine issue


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My name is Dumfriez, and I wanted to share a problem I'm currently facing with my Supra Toyota supra Celica 1981,Four Cylinder, Inline-six engine. When I activate the windshield wipers after 30 seconds, the engine stops, and I don't know why. I tried to fix it myself, but with no positive results. I went to the mechanic and explained the issue with my Supra and they checked it. After identifying the problem, they advised me to use an engine cleaner. Once at home, I applied the product, but unfortunately, a few days later, the problem persists without any satisfying result. Has anyone ever encountered this kind of situation?


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Hi Dumfriez, it's an odd one but does it only happen weh nyou turn the wipers on ? Those guys use a fair amount of juice so wondering if its batter/alternator related? Perhaps check they are both healthy and take it from there ? Does it idle ok when it does run ?

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