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Some rare parts for sale !


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I have got some rare OEM parts for sale, please let me know if you are interested.

1st Cat (used but excellent condition)- £250 

2nd Cat (used but excellent condition) - £200

front rubber seal between the headlights (new - 53395-14010) - £25

Full set of the cushion/rubber stopper for the tailgate - 2 per side (4 in total) 67293-14051 and 67281-14050 - £50

these would stop the tailgate from rattling due to the age of the existing ones there.

PM me if you are interested 

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Forgot to include my OEM side pods as well (used, currently painted in black) ££300.

I also have a genuine full set veilside body kits ( need work) - made of Kevlar,  not sure how much these are worth, if someone could advise please.  







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