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1995 Toyota Supra SZR NA-T Manual (R154)


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Model: Supra SZR NA-T R154

Year: 1995 (M-reg) imported in 2008

Facelift: No

Mileage: 155,405 km (96564 miles)

MOT remaining: December 2022

Car's location: Bristol

PRICE: £32k


Engine: GTE pistons, NA head gasket, XSpower tubular exhaust manifold, Precision T67 dual ball-bearing turbo, oil catch can, numerous braided Teflon fluid and breather lines with torques fittings, Chris Wilson SMIC, Toyota intercooler duct, HKS BOV, FIC 775cc injectors, Uprated HT leads, K&N air filter, Whifbitz heater and Rad hoses, Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm Wastegate, ECUmaster Black standalone ECU, MAC solenoid, Wideband sensor, exhaust gas temperature probe, 2x bosch wideband knock sensors, Fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor, Setrab 19 row oil cooler, Electric radiator fans (controlled by the ECU), twin walbro fuel pumps, modified fuel-pump hangar with AN fittings, Braided fuel lines, Fuelab fuel pressure regulator, in-line replaceable fuel filters, Aftermarket fuel rail (twin feed, single return), ECUmaster Bluetooth adaptor (EMUdash – gauges), ABS, A/C (needs a regas and signal wire to ecu needs connecting), GReddy Oil filter relocation kit, ARP headstuds, 3 inch bore straight through exhaust

Drive train: Low mileage R154 chaser gearbox (with tripod shifter), Cubespeed short shifter, OS Giken STR twin plate clutch, R154 front/W58 rear prop, A01B diff (second diff bush mount)

Exterior: Zunsport front grills, XXR 531 19” wheels rear - 10.5j et 25 and front - 8.5j et25, Goodyear eagle F1 tyres (275/35/R19 rears 235/35/R19 fronts), 10mm spacers on the front with extended wheel nuts, BC racing coilovers, HEL braided brake lines, LS400 4-pot front brake calipers. Facelift rear side lights, Active front spoiler (wired into cabin for up and down control), Lexus IS200 washer jets, Bilthamber undersealed including sills (summer of 2020), LED front indicators and DRLs, rare front wheel mud flaps

Interior: TBdevelopments extended fuel tank cover, Alpine head unit and aftermarket speakers, boot blind, Toyota black carpet and headlining, cloth seats, Momo steering wheel, NRG removable quick release steering wheel adaptor


My wife and I had a baby earlier this year and since then have been commuting to work in Bristol in the supra. With the Bristol city center low emission zone (£9 per day!) coming in the summer and limited parking at our house something more child and CAZ friendly is required. I have enjoyed every second of owning it and will miss it greatly.

I have poured countless hours into it over the years and have done all the work on the car myself (with a lot of help from my father-in-law and his four-post ramp). The oil is changed every year with a fully synthetic ester based oil (FUCHs titan race pro S or Motul sport). The gearbox conversion was undertaken in the summer of 2019 – diff and gearbox oil were replaced at that time. Spark plug and oil change was recently done in August 2021. The car is stored in a heated garage and has been since 2017. The tyres and brake pads both have lots of life left.

It is currently running open loop on the wastegate spring producing 10psi of boost. With the compression ratio from the NA head, gasket and GTE piston combination, I predict it is currently making somewhere around 400bhp. With the R154/A01b final drive ratio it feels very fast and have rarely found that I need more. I have done all the mapping myself, which has enabled me to optimise the map for all the operating conditions it has seen in the time since doing the turbo conversion in January 2018. I had planned to increase the boost to 1.1bar and get it on a dyno but just haven’t found the time in the last year with the baby and work. The SMIC, distributor and diff will likely limit the power it could reliably achieve to approximately 500bhp. However, I believe all of the other parts fitted should see it to around 700bhp.

It does have a few bad bits. Firstly the paint work is showing its age with some scratches on the rear quarter, chips on the bonnet and front wing and a small patch of paint on the bonnet has started peeling (I sealed it with a sticker to stop it progressing anymore). A respray was the last thing on my list that I planned to do once I had finished all the mechanical work. There was an oil leak coming from the cam cover seals – I have addressed this – this was found at the latest MOT. The wheels are a bit kerbed but are generally in good condition. The dash was carbon wrapped by the previous owner which looks ok but is bubbling a bit in places.

The exterior photos were taken in the summer - I will upload some more recent ones when the weather improves.










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