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Hey guys,


Currently in Dublin on holiday and noticed a Supra drive by but before I got a chance to say hello. I am from New Zealand and would love to meet some owners in Dublin or close by and offer to photograph their cars. I own a black 1993 TT single turbo Supra back home, you can search me on Facebook to verify Ash. Bechan.


Anyone free I would gladly appreciate to say hello, my email is [email protected] since I have no other way to communicate other than on this thread or email.


Thank you

Ash. Bechan

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Hey mate, not in Dublin (down in county Limerick) i'm afraid and the Supra is off the road atm. Might be good to mention how long are you around for. I visited NZ about this time last year and met relations from Auckland while i was there. Funny as one of them called home a few weeks back while i was away on holidays, you're hardly him lol.

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Hahah nope I doubt I am him but what was his name? I probably know him as the NZ supra group is fairly tight knit. I am here for another 3 weeks so a while yet but would love the chance just to say hello even. I might be coming down to Limerick so I will give you a message on here once I know when I am travelling. Also going to see WhifBitz in the UK when I leave here to catch up with them and their supra projects.

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