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Hi all,


Sky Insurance have been on board with MkivSupra.net for a number of years now, we insure Mkiv Supras in high volumes and we get involved in your club events and national shows.


We are not able to help every member of the club, no insurance company can be competitive for everyone but we are going to be competitive for the majority of you. We have a large number of members and ex-members on our books with both Supras and non Supras.


We have a variety of schemes to suit most members, our speciality is insurance for modified, performance and import car insurance. We'll cover most modifications on a like for like basis, the only modification we will not touch is NOS.


We're here to help you if we can, you can even contact us via the forum's PM facility.


Our website link is below:




Our Blog is here:




Our Video from 2012's SupraPod is here:





Thanks for reading :)

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