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Road trip and trackday Folembray (France) 01/05/10


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I've been in talks with a club member supraGTE from belgium, A friend of his organisers trackdays, I'am a little late starting this thread up but only just got more information on this.


Folembray has a good track some fast flowing bends and straights here are a few vids I got off youtube.







This would be a good way to kick off the summer in our cars, Folembray is only a short drive from the uk, Going From dover going by ferrie it works out at 170 miles, The trackday is on saturday 1st may. I have been informed that the language at the track is english :).


So my thoughts would be making this a nice weekend trip ?, Setting off friday afternoon to arrive friday night, Early night in bed (Maybe) :D ready for the trackday saturday morning, Then after a days racing about head out for a night in the town ?.


Looking into staying at Leuven it's a great place to stay but is 2 hours drive from the track, Lots of pubs, they have a big market place called "oude markt" (old market ace) and around the wholemarket there are pubs. looks very nice indeed, supraGTE lives not far from Leuven and says most people speak english, He knows the area well so can be our guide, Has a small garage with tools if anyone needs a little help out, low crime rate cars should be safe.. All adding up to be a good Day and night !. I'am also going to look into hotels more near the track If thats what people want.








- Hotel cost for 2 nights.


- Your fuel to get to Folembray 170miles from Dover and back.


- Trackday is 120 euros prebooked, 40 euros for additional drivers and 10 euros for passengers.


- Fuel for the track, Say one tank ? maybe :)


It's not going to cost the earth 120 euros for an open pitlane trackday is a good price!!, I have added the trackday flyer to this post please take a look.


If you interested in doing this weekend trip to france, Pop your name down on the short list we will then look at getting things booked.


Thanks Jim

Flyer JA ENG A4_01-05-2010.pdf

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I'm very interested!


I think it will be a top weekend, Wish I could come along on this one but I have a holiday booked for around that time. We could do with an events mod going along on this one steve ;) As I will not be there.


Post up in the trackday social group too, that will attract the usual suspects attention.


No sorry thats me not putting it right in the title its on 01/05/10 thats a saturday.

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Guest SupraGTE

seams like ......ZERO interest ....or anybody wants to join? if like 2-3 would join i have place to sleep at my house for free , and 100% safe parking , saturday will be in the evening a nigt out in leuven..

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