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Why does the Japanese import version only have 280bhp?

Aerotop Dave

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It hasn't. The big three Japanese car manufacturers (Nissan, Honda and Toyota) came to a gentlemen's agreement to limit the power of their cars to 280bhp. This helped avoid a costly development race to design and develop ever more powerful cars. You'll find quite a few big Japanese sports cars are quoted as having 280bhp, but in reality the manufacturers simply lied about the power figures, and Toyota were no exception. The import Supra has essentially the same power output as the UK car, around 326bhp. Perfectly stock J spec Supras have been dynoed at this figure with no modifications at all, so you can assume that the two cars are identical in power output. However, since no two engines are alike, the word 'identical' shouldn't be taken literally - expect your engine to be somewhere in the 310 to 330 power range. But you won't be at a power disadvantage if you choose the import Supra over the UK version.


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The jap cars were limited to 112mph, so speed to spool was more important that outright power.

UK and Euro spec's were limited to 155mph and they had Autobahn's they could use the extra power on, and need the strength of the steel wheels.

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... the impression that j-specs are smaller, think the info was from Jap Performance or similar :rolleyes

I've got magazine articles referring to 'small' and 'large' turbos in the sequential (when in reality both are the same)


mags are not always accurate mate, sometimes they even propagate hearsay and myths, much like the internet... ;)

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... I've read that the Jspec has a slight advantage when it comes to torque.

it does -- in stock trim it produces a few more lbft and it starts building torque at lower revs too.


Of course that's not the whole story though, at prolonged full throttle the UK spec runs cooler and has the advantage.

The setups are geared around slightly different expected usage.

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Bone stock, Jspec is a little bit quicker, but UK/US is faster if that makes sense. Once you start modding, it varies. Ultimately though, the UK/US spec cars are built stronger (fueling, brakes, cooling) and will support more safe HPs.


If looks matter to you, than as a jspec owner you probably hate the :limp: [email protected] hood scoop on the UK car. :stickpoke Not that I see anything wrong with being :limp:


Which one is better? :shrug: Depends on you.

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J-Spec also have the ceramic blades, therefore giving it faster spooling appaently..


I would choose J-Spec all the time.. I mean, who makes the best cars? US? UK? Japan?


J-Spec must mean they gave us all the best ideas and engineering, and then gave all the crap to the US and UK spec ones :haha:

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