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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

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A sub community for owners of the rare and unique tiptronic Supra. These cars are little understood, and while they have significant advantages over the earlier auto, they also present unique challenges for both maintenance and tuning.
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  2. Judging by the complete multi-year absence of feedback of any kind from owners worldwide, the Tiptronics collectively have a perfect operational record and are, (to all practical intents and purposes), incapable of making errors and thusly do not apparently require such modification. One exception is to the stupid double dog-leg gate that I still can't get used to after nearly ten years and the clunky steering wheel shift buttons that somehow manage to defy the laws of Newtonian Mechanics and actually make driving a fully automatic transmission seem like hard work yet are considerably less rewarding. Yeah, apart from that, they work really well as they are!
  3. Hello guys was just wondering is anybody running a strengthened box
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