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Rachel Bidwell
15-01-07, 15:45
Just joined 'The Club' having owned my Supra since 2002. Was looking for a good deal for insurance, no such thing, most companies had trouble believing that there was such a thing as a Supra with no letters or numbers??? Took advice from the forum and found Sky Insurance. At last someone who seemed to know lots about our car and gave us a great quote.
Thank you

15-01-07, 15:49
Welcome aboard :)

15-01-07, 15:50
A broad! Welcome! :)

15-01-07, 16:53
Welcome, have any pics of your supra? mods etc? a shame you didnt find the club a few years back! :)

Tom S
15-01-07, 17:30

tom - well done 3000 posts matey !!

15-01-07, 20:00

tom - well done 3000 posts matey !!

Haha cheers,

I didnt even notice, it's taken me long enough though!:)