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07-01-07, 16:49
Hey my names Gregg and i live in glasgow....(haha sounds like an introduction to an interview)

Have been looking forward to getting into the world of supras for quite a while.

Have become somewhat of a car slut in the past year as i have managed to go through a Focus 1.8, an rx7 (was another project that needed sorted), honda civic and currently an MG ZR 1.4 which was again a car needing a few touch ups here and there.

The only thing that has been stoping me was my age against insurance.

Am on the look out for a damaged supra that could do with some bodywork repairs, i own a bodyshop in Paisley, new Glasgow and am looking for a project, this will not be for me to sell on it will be for me 2 keep. :)

Anybody with anything up for grabs then give me a shout :)

Cheers Gregg

Ian W
07-01-07, 16:51
welcome mate.

may well be moving to paisley soon :)

07-01-07, 17:03
Welcome :D

11-01-07, 14:17

11-01-07, 14:23
Hello and Welcome

13-01-07, 15:36
hi Greg, i know of supra that was in accident , think it may need more than a bit of work, but will find out and let u know. near u in ayrshire.