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23-08-06, 18:34
hey i am looking at a 97 supra it was a na and now has a turbo in it running 15psi. i was wondering if this is a healthy number for the car or if i should tern down the boost when i get it?

23-08-06, 18:58
Hi mate & welcome, :)

I think that 15psi sounds a bit high from I've read on here, unless it's got an uprated Head Gasket and other bits?). There are a few NA-T boys here (TT myself) who would know. Have you looked on Supraforums if you're in the States.


23-08-06, 19:10
Like Jay said it if thats on a stock headgasket it is to high. If its on a uprated head gasket it may be safe, depnds on supporting mods of course, Internal wise - power is more what breaks the engine (presuming fuelling etc... is correct) , so BHP would make it easier to know how it will handle it :)

29-08-06, 22:52
Welcome to the club. We hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions.. Oh have you found the search button yet? Its most useful ;-)

29-08-06, 23:30
Hello and welcome Jon:)