View Full Version : Water temp. sender?

28-01-06, 18:44
Just got my second motor, cheapo Rover 420GSI and the only fault it has is an intermitant water temp reading.
It goes no higher than just below the middle reading when working but drops down to the needle rest position without warning! I'm thinking it could be the sender or dodgy wire?

If I change the sender, it's easy to get to btw, do I need to put anything on the thread of the new one to seal it?

Thanks, Paul

28-01-06, 21:52
and no you should only have to screw it back in..no ptfe tape or anything...

28-01-06, 23:08
might cut back the wiring and crimp some fresh on and check out the plug too in case it's an iffy connection.

Not too bothered but if I get this working properly then it'll all be 100%