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mad k
22-08-05, 11:56
I currently run 18 inch wheels on my supra, with 360mm KAD brakes on the front.

Ive always thought the smaller the wheels the beter for drag'ing.

Im thinking of changing to 16 inch wheels but this would mean going back to standard brakes, I dont really use the car that much on the road for anything.

Just wondering if this would make me any faster ? Ive noticed looking at the drag times people use smaller wheels, And its easier to get drag radials in smaller sizes.

Anyone any info on this ?


22-08-05, 17:01
I heard 15" rims were the best.......

22-08-05, 17:02
17's and DR's should be enough for you.

You're only gonna need ET streets if you're pushing out stupid BHP, but 451whp isnt far off that ;)

Terry S
22-08-05, 17:04
If you are seriously into drag then 15" with the smaller JDM rear brakes.

If you want more info pm me please.

24-08-05, 13:27
You don't need to change your front wheels or brakes?????

The drag tyres go onto the rears.

Try and find some cheap 16" or 17" stock wheels.

For Santa Pod I have :

18" normal wheels and road tyre fronts on 6 pot AP brakes
16" Stock rears on Mickey Thomson ET streets with a lot of tyre wall