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26-03-05, 16:32
I need to decide whether to sell the rubbishy Laguna whilst it is still driveable or get myself another banger (mmmmmm xr3i???? :D) just to last until my insurance is up for renewal in July (as my current insurers will not insure imports and I would have to cancel my policy and loose 9 months no claims and ya de ya de ya de)

My question is to do with the shocks at the front, the front drivers side is definately gone entirely, the passenger side is on its way out, does any one know how much a good and trustworthy garage would charge approximately to do this?

I realise this is perhaps an open ended question with no definitive answer.

I do have a shock absorber which I got from the breakers yard, but I'm also thinking its better to replace both at the same time?????

So I actually have three questions......
How much roughly do you think it will cost to fix the shocks at the front?
Is it better to get both done at the same time?
Is it recommended to go to a breakers yard and get the shocks or to buy brand new ones??

The car is worth about 600 only!!! Its MOT is in July just after my insurance is due for renewal....all of these factors are confusing me.....hence my questions :rolleyes:

02-04-05, 00:23
best answer there is if you want do it yourself try and get a complete pair of legs, so all you have to do change the lot and not have to compress springs and remove shocks (very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing)
a garage will charge for time if you supply the parts but it will cost you cos that aint a five minute job!!! get some quotes and do the maths. if you know someone who can do this for you be very nice to them and drop it in conversation after a drink and wait for them to say i'll do that its a piece of piss and then pounce like a tiger on a wilderbeast!!!!!!!!!! :D

02-04-05, 09:20
cheers mate. I can't do it myself no way! - I opted to take it to a garage on Monday, I've used the garage before and they aren't in the habit of ripping you off..... :tongue:

Graham S
02-04-05, 16:13
front shocks are so so easy to do, can do the pair in about half hour, think they are about 26 quid to buy. piece of cake to do, only tools you'll need are some spring clamps, and a couple of sockets spanners etc, but be aware the springs on them are always breaking at the bottom, so check first!!

hope that helps!

03-04-05, 11:48
So should I get the garage to buy a pair, and just get them done properly?

03-04-05, 12:27
Fitting for 2 complete legs from 75 - 150

Dude :devil:

03-04-05, 12:32
Wicked !

Thanks everyone