View Full Version : Jewel green - N reg ending in CAJ. Stockton

16-07-16, 15:53
Just seen a lovely green supra, near tesco in Stockton heading A1 direction. Looked very tidy, possible BBS alloys, otherwise very stock looking. [emoji1360]
Driving will have seen me, as I was in the roundabout as he was waiting to pull out, but I'm not a waving maniac like some [emoji12]

16-07-16, 16:59
Baldy ? Were they black with a polished lip ?

Edit: scrap that wrong end of the country

16-07-16, 21:32
Ha, no more like this. http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/07/323.jpg
Oop north [emoji1360]

17-07-16, 18:46
Hi Tyson I have been trying to get hold of you to see just how to register my supra with uk list??