View Full Version : For Sale Wroxall event ticket

29-05-16, 12:58
I cant make this now, just booked a family holiday over these dates so my double room with 2 breakfast is available, any reasonable offer welcome.

29-05-16, 14:07
what do you want for it

29-05-16, 15:00
If anyone takes this ticket can they please PM me their details, as I will need to update the room bookings.

Also this ticket is just for the deposit that Bignum has paid, there will still be a further payment of 50 required very soon.

29-05-16, 17:01
I was just about to pm you burn to ask about the remaining payment, cheers.

29-05-16, 17:03
what do you want for it

So ive paid 70 deposit, was thinking 40 back so its 30quid off total.

29-05-16, 17:10
Il take it if tqts doesn't

29-05-16, 17:57
I'll take this if Dean and the chap above doesn't :)

29-05-16, 19:52
Sold via pm.

little num
30-05-16, 18:15
for those who wanted this, there is still plenty in the club shop.
Contact burner if you have any questions.

30-05-16, 19:38
As Littlenum said, there's still rooms in the club shop. 1 x Double room, 2 x Twin rooms, and 3 x Single rooms.

30-05-16, 19:41
I'm confirming on Friday but should be going, will nip into the shop once confirmed