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22-08-15, 16:22
Hi all

I think I have made my mind up now
And I will start looking for a supra
I drive a Mitsubishi gto auto I don't use it much in the 10 years I've had it
I do like the look of it but it got no get up and go
Looking at the supra there is so much more you can do to them
The one I would like is a white turbo 6 speed

22-08-15, 17:48
Welcome! The list is never ending when it comes to supra modification. Esthetics or mechanical.
You will need deep pockets for a clean white tt6 though, since the release of f&f7 White supras have become quite popular!!

23-08-15, 11:34
Don't know if this is the right place to post this ( mods can you move if needed )

Just a question if importing a car works out ie cost wise than to buy one over here
Has anyone done this and are there any horror story's

23-08-15, 12:00
:welcome: to the cub

23-08-15, 21:07
Speak to Jurgen. That's what he does for a living. Many members have imported cars over through him

25-08-15, 16:50
just having a look on eBay is this one over priced
I think it was on eBay last week with a starting price of 8,000
I do like the look of it

25-08-15, 19:58
That's definitely at the higher end of the spectrum being a tt auto at 11k but with only 2 owners and 50k miles it sounds like a good one. Although if I had 11k to spend I'd be looking for a tt6 that maybe needed a small amount of work