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22-07-15, 18:09
Hey everyone,
im new to the supra world, and i really need some help.
i found this 1993 supra twin turbo, used to be auto but the guy switched to 5 speed manual.
The car is super clean inside and out. it looks almost new from the inside!
i wanted to ask if should i go for it if it was 5 speed since its very clean and well built ?
would appreciate ur help
im not planning to go more than 500WHP, i want it to be my daily car thats why ive been searching for the ones who are very clean.
thank you

22-07-15, 18:38
Depends what 5 speed box it is. If it's an R154 then go for it. If it's a W58 and you plan to go for more power than BPU (400 ish) then you would need to either convert to R154 or a 6 speed box.

23-07-15, 13:45
thanks for the reply budd