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13-07-15, 15:46

I live in Norway,Stavanger and about to buy my first Supra Mk4
The car I'm looking to buy is Stock, LHD, 330bhp, manuel gearbox ,Red Euro spec 1994mod TT hardtop

My goal for the car is:
- Do-luck body kit
- Rims (open for suggestions) Been looking at Works Meister S1 3piece
- Big front Mount intercooler
- Power around BPU 400-500bhp streetfriendly with Straight 3" exhaust so the 2jz roar :)
- TRD wing with Carbon mid piece

I'm looking forward to make a building thread :)

13-07-15, 16:00
:welcome: post a link or some pictures to the car, someone on here may know some history on it!

13-07-15, 16:07
The dealership doesn't have an updated website, so pictures Will Come soon :)