View Full Version : Supra MK4 not picking up speed.

17-06-15, 18:12
I bought a Supra MK4 non turbo, it was running fine for the past month but recently under 2500rpm the car feels very juddery but at 3000rpm and above it runs smooth. My mechanic said it was a misfire and he change the spark plugs and its helped a little but still the problem is not sorted.
Also when I type the car reg into insurance websites it comes up as a Turbo so I think someone must have taken it out, could this cause problems?

17-06-15, 19:16
Must resist NA jokes.....

17-06-15, 19:42
Could be a number of things.

Dizzy cap/leads, split vac hose somewhere, throttle body sensors clogged up etc. Try the usual places.

17-06-15, 20:34
Check your HT leads for whiting. Dizzy cap and rotor arm are the cheapest options and one's you can do yourself.