View Full Version : Hi form Germany

02-05-15, 10:38
Hello Guys
I´m Fabian from Germany.
I´m looking for a 1997+ manual supra without any facelift...
Maybe here i can find my dream car.:Pling:

Lg Fabian:)

03-05-15, 08:55
Hello Fabian
Are you looking for 97+ car that has all signs of face-lift removed?

03-05-15, 15:24
No. Sry i did´nt mean facelift..
I´m looking for a 1997+ supra without bodykit..:)
And i dont mind if the supra has facelift or not :D


03-05-15, 15:45
Willkommen Fabian.

The best is to get in contact with Jurgen from JM imports ; he has a great reputation for finding what you are looking for.

03-05-15, 16:53
Hi Fabian,

welcome. You can also contact Japan-Imports in Germany. He is also known in the german forum.

Hol mir selber demnächst eine und hatte schon Kontakt mit Patrick, kannst ihn über FB anschreiben. Echt netter Typ. Hätte ich keine gefunden hat ich sie importieren lassen.